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The Samsung Galaxy SIII C-Pen is specifically designed for the Galaxy SIII.The soft round end of the stylus makes contact with the screen to control it so It wont damage your screen, It is a unique ball point pen style holder that allows you to put your stylus inside the pen to make it look like a stylish ball point pen.


1. Genuine Samsung Accessory

2. Control your phone with more precision

3. Round end stylus with soft end won’t damage your screen

4. Unique ball point pen style holder

(What Comes With The C-Pen).


Control your Galaxy S3’s screen with more precision.

Ever press the wrong button on your phone by mistake? Tired of cleaning your screen all the time because its got finger prints on it? Worry no more with the official Samsung stylus you will be able to control your phone’s screen with increased accuracy. The stylus can be used in all situations and for all applications

Round end stylus with soft end won’t damage your screen

The soft round end of the stylus makes a contact with the screen to control it. As it is a soft end, it won’t damage your screen in any way and you won’t have any finger prints to contest with.


(Compatible Only with the: Samsung Galaxy SIII/S3).


After using this Stylus for the past 2 weeks or so, I have found myself feeling complete. I have always liked stylus based devices (Ok, Ok, I know in this day and age i should move on….), But i just cant help feeling that they still play a major part in today’s technology device’s, Weather it be a mobile phone or a tablet or even the new Phablets ( Cross between Phone & Tablet device).

Phones from Samsung in particular are still widely available on the market thanks to Samsungs soon to be released Galaxy Note 2 just around the corner.


As a previous owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 1, The Galaxy S3 that i have now seams to be just a tad little bit smaller, which insistently is a good thing for the pocket. (That was one of the reasons i did not stick with the Note).


But i loved the S-Pen, So when got in touch and asked if i would like to test out this

C-Pen, I jumped right on it.


What did i like when i first took this out of the box ?, Well i would have to say that the overall style/Looks of this Stylus were very impressive indeed (for a stylus that is), The brushed Gun Metal look along the length of the barrel was immediately stunning to the eye.


The tip was not as i expected either, I was expecting the tip to be much bigger in real life than what i had seen from pictures posted on the internet.

Normal Stylus (Left) / C-Pen Stylus (Right).


 I was kind of surprised tbh at just how small this tip is, Thinking to myself “Why has no one else thought about making this kind of thing ?”

 Text input was very easy.

Drawing in S-Notes.

After having the iPhone for the past 4 years, I always felt that there was something missing. Bam, There it was, A stylus that actually looks like a pen both in the hand as well as in the pocket.

(Selection Pane When Drawing In S-Note).


A few times not i have gone to reach for a pen in my pocket, Then quickly realised that this is a Stylus and actually not my pen.


I have to say that this C-Pen can only be rated by me as a good thing, I like stylus’s, My first Stylus based phone was the Sony Ericsson P910 (Thats going back few years, Search Google ).


If your like me & you love Stylus Pens, No matter what your using ( Phone/ Tablet/ Phablet) Then this is for you.


The only downside that i could find (Believe me,I thought long and hard) to come up with just one flaw, all i could think of was that this stylus doe’s not work as it should on anything else but the SGS3 Phone. Some might say that it states on the box that it will not work with anything else, But it would have been much cooler if it did.

Maybe Samsung could produce New Tip for it in time to come, So thit i may become a universal Stylus.

(Tip Removal /Spares Are Available).


(This has been my opinions on this product, Big Massive Thanks To for providing this product for me to review, This posting does not reflect any other opinions other than my own).

So please come back soon, Thank’s for being interested in my content,Enjoy the video,Thank’s for watching,Cheer’s :)

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